Marco Lucchi lives and works in Modena, Italy. He mines pop, jazz and folk music, but with the ear of a composer and the thought of a philosopher. About this CD Marco says:

The project concerns the final tracks of some beautiful and important albums (or cycles).

In a more extensive sense it concerns how to finish a work.

It seems (it ever seemed) to be very important to me how to finish a work, the last moments, the farewell.

As a deep listener of music I want to be left in a deep state at the end of a listening, at the end of a work.

I want to be left with something to imagine and to taste further on.

I'm proposing to you this mood, and I called it "Some Perfect Curtains."

1. curtain
2. the slow dance of the hamleticians
3. doyafeeme channelling prophetical loop
4. no vital
5. crackin' the song byte - chill
6. august fire (micus coming remix)
7. easier and easier curtain another reprise
8. aquarium

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2009 Marco Lucchi / NiwoSound

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