"Different Light, Same Window" is a collection of work by the Houston composer Steve Layton, all of it realized in Seattle in 2004. In addition to his own compositions, Layton has included a performance of the 2003 Beethoven-meets-Bayou piano epic DeltaBandresonator by Florida composer Jeff Harrington. The music on this CD is unafraid of unsual forms and biting harmony, yet there is always a strong connection with all that's gone before; a sense of that the dead never really die, but are just us (and we them) displaced by a few years. Every part of the performances and recording are all realized directly by Layton himself, using a technique that makes score, performance and recording a single entity.

1. Kolokola and Apaches
2. Why Apollinaire
3. The Temptation of the West
4. Almost the Periphery
5. Winter's Coming
6. Half Colors of Quarter Things
7. Jeff Harrington: DeltaBandResonator

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2004 Steve Layton (ASCAP) / NiwoSound

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