A collection of pieces composed and realized in Seattle and Houston between 2007 and 2009. Unlike traditional methods of composition and performance, all the tracks here combine performance and composition in the same moment. Each part is composed directly to the digital version of a “piano roll” -- which, beyond the traditional markings for pitch, duration and articulation, holds all of my own personal nuances of performance. This means that the “score” holds not only the notes, but my own realization as well. The moment the score is finished I can play and record the performance realization in a single recorded take.

None of the performances take place on a traditional instruments. Rather, all of the parts are played simultaneously by a single Alesis QSR synthesizer and many treated samples from various recordings, driven by the sequencer score or layered in a number of tracks, with a digital reverb creating the “hall.”

1. Summer Ultraviolet
2. The Place of the Solitaires
3. Pioggia di autunno
4. Architecture of a Sunset
5. Dogtown
6. Red in Red
7. Joji Aria

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© 2009 Steve Layton (ASCAP) / NiwoSound

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