Alba is a two-hour MP3 collection of 28 solo works, all created in 2010, in both Houston, TX and Pompano Beach, FL. Rather than publish two physical CDs, for the time being these works are collected and offered here in a single compressed .RAR file. The file contains all 28 tracks, an M3U metafile that when clicked will play the entire collection in the order intended, as well as PDF and JPG files with liner notes and cover art. All of the pieces were created and performed using Propellerheads' Reason and Record software, an Akai Miniak keyboard, and Adobe Audition.

alba (2:29) swords and circles (6:24) bright burning night fires (6:26) green fields (3:58) cloud crazed (3:58) jug band (3:45) tone over (3:05) joompy (3:05) moaning low (4:20) predatory music box (5:22) riverboat (3:49) orloj (3:31) snake dance (5:36) midmorning (4:02) somersaults (3:53) wasp blues (5:11) swamp fire (4:35) tripping (2:13) tumbler (2:19) abrasion (4:12) vertigogo (3:28) waterfall (3:20) dig 3:25) the tunnel (6:57) the call (6:23) bruiser (5:38) underground (5:19) les mains des les mains (3:53)

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RAR files can be opened with WinZip (Win) or Stuffit Expander (Mac)

2010 Steve Layton (ASCAP) / NiwoSound

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