Unforeseen Consequences is a 3 hr 45 min, 2-volume MP3 collection of 37 mixes/mash-ups of over 40 musicians from around the U.S. & world, created as part of the weekly web event ImprovFriday. At ImprovFriday we've had many great solo tracks being offered up; yet many times I’d be struck by how sympathetic this artist’s track was with another’s, and would imagine how wonderful if the distance between us became immaterial and these two, three or four could be playing in the same space and time. And well, given that we were dealing with recordings, why not? By using my own expertise I could bring the individual tracks together, bring people into the same “room” as it were, and create wholly new and convincing works in the process. This collection is a kind of epic showcase of the enormous talent and creativity freely shared by this diverse, inventive band of musicians.

 Featuring: Steve Moyes (UK), Bruce Hamilton (WA), Steve Moshier (CA), Peter Thörn (SE), Roger Sundström (SE), Lee Noyes (NZ), J.C. Combs (WA), Jérôme Poirier (FR), Richard Sanderson (UK), Kavin Allenson (TX), Norbert Oldani (NY), Shane W. Cadman (CA), Adam Kondor (HU), Paul Muller (CA), Kenneth Palmer (MO), Andrew McCance (UK), Jeff Duke (FL), Glenn Weyant (AZ), Steve Layton (TX), Benjamin Smith (NJ), David Perreko (ES), Greg Hooper (AU), John Asta (NY), Tom Izzo (CT), Paul Hertz (IA), Jim Goodin (NY), Phil Hargreaves (UK), Johnny & Faith Porto (PA), Paul Bailey (CA), Todd Lainhart (MA), Jeff Fairbanks (MD), The Hentai Improvising Orchestra (TX), Joseph Benzola (NY), James Ross (NY), Gaetano Fontanazza (IT), Chris Becker (TX), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (FI), Doug Kolmar (ME), Chris Vaisvil (IN), Gérald DeGroote (FR)

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CC 3.0 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License / NiwoSound

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