The philosophy of NiwoSound is simple: my music, and music by others that I love, brought to you directly. Contemporary Classical, Post-Minimal & Post-Modern, Ambient, Electronic and Electroacoustic, Out-Pop and Improvisation, all can be found here. Some earlier NiwoSound releases still have physical CDs, but this is the 21st century and the point is to utilize newer online means of delivery; so the links to each album will take you to places like CD Baby, iTunes, eMusic, Lala, Amazon and Rhapsody. This means that the music can often can be had within a few weeks of recording, rather than months or years. Almost all of the purchase price goes directly to the artists, and to keeping the CDs available to you all. And almost all releases include links to freely downloadable and printable PDF files of liner notes and cover art. It's about getting wonderful things that are happening now into your ear. Explore, enjoy! -- Steve Layton

Benjamin Smith: Improvisations
Austin Improvs
Marco Lucchi: Some Perfect Curtains

david toub: textbook
david toub: darfur pogrommen

EP: Live in Lanzhou
Steve Layton: The Composer Plays IV: Music for Imaginary Piano
Steve Layton: Different Light, Same Window

The Composer Plays III
All Bright Things

Unforeseen Consequences
Like Any Other Day Until
Strange Neighborhood

Two Hands
Shared Circle

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